Coronado Brewing Company Punk'in Drublic Imperial Pumpkin Ale Beer Review
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Coronado Brewing Company Punk’in Drublic Imperial Pumpkin Ale Commercial Description:

“Here in the land of eternal sunshine, it can be difficult to differentiate between seasons. Palm tree fronds don’t change color and fall to the sand, though the mercury does drop a few degrees, it’s still as paradisiacal as Southern California lore would have you believe. So, from now on, count on this imperial pumpkin ale heralding in the fall season. Brewed with brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and a heaping helping of would be jack-o-lanterns, Coronado Brewing Company Punk’in Drublic Imperial Pumpkin Ale delivers autumn’s trademark flavors along with a hint of West Coast character, whether enjoyed in a pumpkin patch or on the beach.”

…delivers autumn’s trademark flavors along with a hint of West Coast character…

Malts: 2-Row,Biscuit, C-45, C-77, Honey, Brown Sugar, Pumpkin
Hops: Nugget
Additions: Brown Sugar, Honey, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Pumpkin

Brewed by:
Coronado Brewing Company
California, United States

Style: Imperial Pumpkin Ale
ABV:  8.0%

When I was in high school I fancied myself a “punk,” though looking back in reality I would say I fell more into the “poser” category but that’s neither here nor there…that’s not to say I didn’t listen to punk rock music, I surely did. Epitaph Records was my soundtrack to life. My wardrobe consisted of Rocket Jeans (because I couldn’t afford Jncos) and t-shirts of bands purchased from Hot Topic, and a flannel shirt. I listened to bands like Pennywise, the Germs and the Descendents. And I hung out with the local punks at the mall who would dye their hair Manic Panic fluorescent colors and pee in the mailboxes outside the mall entrance while smoking cigarettes and drinking piss warm stolen alcohol in a water bottle.

I hung out with these people, but I never did these things. That’s why I consider myself a poser.

One of my favorite CDs in these days was Punk in Drublic, by a famous punk band called NoFx. It was the biggest commercial success of their entire career, reaching number 12 on the Billboard Heatseeker chart. I wore that CD out in my parents’ 1995 Chrysler Cirrus that summer after I first got my license. Just driving other kids home from school, picking up my brother and his friends, driving car loads of people to the mall, whatever. Punk in Drublic was always playing.

So when I saw Coronado Brewing Company Punk’in Drublic Imperial Pumpkin Ale in the store I got really excited. But my review of this beer overall is mixed- I don’t taste any pumpkin flavor at all from this beer. Definitely cinnamon and nutmeg, but hardly any pumpkin. The beer itself reminds me of spicy brown sugar, with a clear golden brown appearance and dark chocolate aroma. The taste resembles fall. I think what bothered me most about this beer was the mouthfeel- syrupy! I love the reference to one of my favorite CDs of all time, I love the label design, but- I couldn’t manage more than one of these.

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