Because Drinkin’ Ain’t Easy!

We’ve all had that friend launching a business venture (charity, invention, idea etc) that is constantly begging for money. This site was launched with every intention of never begging for money- what, expect people to help us drink?? We would never do such a thing!

Well, we changed our minds.

Turns out some of these craft beers are rather expensive- and sometimes require long car trips to obtain them. So if you enjoy the reviews, we sincerely thank you for visiting our site, Want to see more? Then help us out a bit and buy us a beer, it is much appreciated.

You Donation will not be tax exempt…because…well…we’re not a 501c3 nonprofit. We’re just two gals trying to support a habit.

But we will give you a shout-out on whichever tasty beverage(s) we are able to purchase and enjoy thanks to you.

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