Lancaster Baked Pumpkin Ale Beer Review
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Lancaster Baked Pumpkin Ale Commercial Description:

“Have your pie and drink it too! Bold in flavor with a deep amber color, our big Lancaster Baked Pumpkin Ale is sure to remind you of Grandma’s pumpkin pie. Its lasting vanilla finish will leave your taste buds craving another.”

Have your pie and drink it too!

Malts: Unknown
Hops: Unknown
Additions: Pumpkin

Brewed by:
Lancaster Brewing Company
Pennsylvania, United States

Style: Pumpkin Ale
ABV:  7.5%

I never had a grandmother who made pumpkin pie. My grandmother on my mother’s side never really came to visit, because she lived far and didn’t drive, and my other grandmother was obsessed with the Shop Rite bakery. In fact, she still is- at the age of ninety she no longer makes it to the supermarket for groceries anymore, but my Uncle goes for her- and makes sure to greet the ShopRite bakery workers on behalf of my Grandmother. So anyway every holiday, my Grandmother would appear at our parents’ door with some kind of baked goods from the ShopRite bakery. For every occasion. Every time. Strawberry chortcakes, German chocolate cakes, rum raisin cakes, Italian pastries, and pies: apple, blueberry, pumpkin, the list goes on and on. And the thing is, as a kid, you’d think I’d be excited for such treats.

But I knew better.

More or less, each of these tasty treats were reduced to mushy cardboard-like tasteless refrigerated substances, and I usually had to politely eat a piece while smiling yes, yes this cake is wonderful. You do funny things for family.

The point of this entire tangent is I have never had a home-baked pumpkin pie. I have not experienced the aroma wafting from the oven, felt the suspense and excitement as the timer counted down to zero. I never hoisted that first forkful off the plate to my watering taste buds, felt it’s warmth in my mouth.

This beer is what I hope the experience is like.

Lancaster Baked Pumpkin Ale has a beautiful label- retro, but not over the top approaching corny territory. The pour produces a thick foamy head. The aroma is one of vanilla and pumpkin pie. It has a good taste, with a slight bite to the finish.

Lancaster Baked Pumpkin Ale is a beer I enjoy start to finish- from package design to the last drop. I only wish I could find this beer near me.


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