Leinenkugel's Harvest Patch Shandy Review
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Leinenkugel’s Harvest Patch Shandy Commercial Description:

“Bring out the best of the season with our Leinenkugel’s Harvest Patch Shandy. It’s our traditional Weiss beer that we blend with natural pumpkin spice flavor to give you notes of nutmeg, allspice and clove for a refreshing fall seasonal. It’s crisp and smooth, just like a perfect fall day Out Here.”

It’s crisp and smooth, just like a perfect fall day Out Here.

Malts: Pale and Wheat
Hops: Cluster
Additions: Pumpkin, Nutmeg, Allspice and Clove

Brewed by:
Wisconsin, United States

Style: Pumpkin Shandy
ABV:  4.2%

A very long time ago I met a man that swore by shandies. I am unsure if any shandies were commercially available in the states back then. I know we didn’t serve them at any bars that I worked at during the 00’s anyhow. In fact, we sold draft beers that aren’t quite as popular anymore, such as Becks, Fosters and Killians. Beer, like so many other food items, go through trends. Quinoa, kale and sriracha, such popular words in my current vernacular, were unknowns to me only 10 years ago.

So this man that drank shandies would make his own by pouring out some kind of light beer and adding lemonade. I think it was a 3:1 ratio. He told me that he picked up the habit while staying in Europe. Additionally he liked the idea of reducing the alcohol content. I mean, a Coors Light is only 4.2% so I don’t know how much of truth he had.

Years go by and suddenly I see Leinenkugel Summer Shandy on the market. A friend brings a case to the beach and I fall in love with it. For me, a Summer Shandy is a perfect beach beer.

Obviously trying to capitalize on the flooded pumpkin beer market, the Leinenkugel offering is a Harvest Pumpkin Shandy. I was hesitant to try it. I thought a pumpkin shandy would be weird. And I was right, it is weird. But in a good way. Leinenkugel’s Harvest Patch Shandy is a different beer on the market. Well balanced and refreshing. Would be great to drink out on the Pumpkin Patch or hayride.

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