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Once a perennial given, like the reemergence of Sam Adams Octoberfest in early September, is a Yankee push into the post season.

Except, it’s really not like that anymore. The Yankees got old and their ways of winning have been replicated among other teams.  You would think this would cause parity among the league, but it really hasn’t. Over the past 20 years, only 3 teams have failed to reach the World Series again. (Anaheim, Chicago and Arizona. And that’s the thing about the state of Octoberfest / Pumpkin beers in 2016. The market is just frankly over saturated and the product loses its charm.

Enter: Disruption

As a long time Alex Rodriguez apologist, Gary Sanchez is a revelation. Speed. Power. Youth. WHOA.

Gone are the corporate Yankees of Jeter, Posada and Rodriguez. Nowadays the Yankee locker room is pumping with Drake songs. A youth revolution? You better believe it.

As of this writing the Yankees are still 2 games behind in the wild card. Which is surreal considering the team teetered around and below .500 before Miller and Beltran were shipped out and Rodríguez retired was cut.

This energetic feeling was what drinking Trick or Treat by Genius Beer Company was like the first time. I sipped it skeptically watching Sanchez on a warm Saturday night. Chocolate, coffee, peanut butter and pumpkin in a beer? I dunno. Speed, youth, agility on the Yankees? I dunno. Somehow, it works though.

I watched Sanchez belt two monstrous home runs, somehow as an anomaly to what I was expecting. I drank chocolate pumpkin beer, somehow as an anomaly to what I was expecting.


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